6 Shocking Videos of the Crazy Stuff Going Down in Venezuela


Some crazy stuff is going down in Venezuela right now and people are posting these incredible videos and going to twitter to share their experiences with the world. It seems as though the Venezuelan National Police have infiltrated big cities (and apparently even smaller towns). This is a spike of violence that’s unlike anything the country has experienced since 1989. Information is fragmented, considering an almost complete media black-out is in place, but you don’t need the media to hear the peoples’ screams in the streets.

Riots in the streets of Venezuela with squads of National Police on motorcycle.

The arrival of the colectivos (basically paramilitary gangs on motorbikes) at Altamira square earlier during the raid.

Here we see the Tupamaros, perhaps the oldest and best established colectivo.

A National Guard murders a civilian around the 1:52 mark.

More raw video footage of earlier in the afternoon when the events started.

venezuela-riots-2 venezuela-riots

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the people of Venezuela for this horrible event that’s taking place. We hope it can all get resolved peacefully and quickly so the country can move on with their lives.

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