25 Nostalgic Happy Meal Toys From the ’80s


The ’80s were a fantastic time to be a kid. The cartoons and toys were great and many popular and iconic franchises such as Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Duck Tales, and Thunder Cats popped out of the ’80s. McDonald’s likes to capitalize on popular cartoons and movies with their Happy Meal toy offerings, and these 25 awesome Happy Meal toys will have you reminiscing back to a time when your responsibilities included eating sugary cereal and watching saturday morning cartoons.

Enjoy the nostalgic trip below!

1. McNugget Buddies

McNugget Buddies
These were great but I distinctly remember their belts falling off all the time.

2. Chip ‘n Dale Rescue Rangers Gadgetmobiles

Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers
These were amazing because the parts of each toy were interchangeable. I remember spending hours trying out all the different combinations.

3. DuckTales Vehicles

DuckTales Vehicles
Awesome toys from an awesome cartoon.

4. Tinosaurs


5. McDonald’s Pullback Racecars

McDonald's Pullback Racecars

6. Fry Kids

Fry Kids

7. Popoids


8. Changeables


9. Garfield Vehicles

Garfield Vehicles
I remember being bummed when I had all but the skateboard one until my mom went to McDonalds one day and asked to trade in my duplicate for the skateboard one. Thanks mom!

10. Oliver & Company

Oliver & Company

11. Mickey’s Birthdayland Race Cars

Mickey’s Birthdayland Race Cars

12. Fraggle Rock Cars

Fraggle Rock Cars
Fraggle Rock was a staple of my childhood in the ’80s. I had every one of these.

13. Kissyfur Figures


14. Hot Wheels

Hot Wheels

15. Stompers 4×4

Stompers 4x4

16. Bambi Figurines

Another Disney classic.

17. The Little Mermaid

The Little Mermaid
Of course McDonald’s took advantage of the opportunity to promote this iconic Disney movie that began the “Disney Renaissance”.

18. Halloween Pails

Halloween Pails
I used the crap out of these for collecting as much sugary goodness as possible. I remember filling up all three variations of the buckets one Halloween.

19. Berenstain Bears

Berenstain Bears
If you don’t remember the Berenstain Bears then I’m sorry for your childhood.

20. Playmobil Figures

Playmobil Figures

21. Mac Tonight “Moon Man” Figures

Mac Tonight “Moon Man” Figures

22. Ronald McDonald Cloth Doll

Ronald McDonald Cloth Doll

23. Astrosniks


24. Cinderella’s Jaq and Gus Plush Christmas Ornaments

Cinderella’s Jaq and Gus Plush Christmas Ornaments
I clearly remember having both of these on our family Christmas tree that year.

25. Muppet Babies

Muppet Babies
I still catch myself singing the theme song in my head from time to time.

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