14 Amazing Tree Houses That Will Bring Out Your Inner Elf. #5 is Incredible.


If you’re like most people, a tree house was probably your favorite place to hideout as a kid. But why stop there when you can live in one? For those of us who have the itch to indulge in the Elvish life but can’t quite make the trip to Rivendell, check out the list of amazing tree houses below.

14. This fairy tale tree house towers at three stories tall


Residing in British Columbia, Canada, this tree house is impressive to say the least and looks as if it was taken straight out of a Disney movie.

13. How about an almost invisible tree house?


If you’ve ever wished that your home had a built-in cloaking device, you may want to consider moving into this cube shaped tree house in Sweden built entirely out of aluminum and mirrors…although I feel sorry for any birds flying in its general direction.

12. Why cut a tree down when you can build around it?


Somewhere in the woodlands of Fall City, Washington lies this quiet cabin built around a massive tree.

11. The only thing that’s missing here is a rope swing


What’s better than a house built in a tree? A house built in a tree next to a lake.

10. A jungle sanctuary


An ideal place to relax from the harsh climate of the Philippines…just keep your eyes peeled for snakes.

9. Could this house be any more inviting?


This quaint family home located in Port Orchard Bay, Washington is as charming as it is impressive.

8. If only that staircase came with a slide


If you ever find yourself wandering the Rambouillet Forest in France, you may come across this beautiful tree house. The carefully constructed spiral staircase might just be more impressive than the house above it.

7. Whatever you do, don’t look down


At 130 feet high, you’d likely be in awe at the view of Lake Geneva from the bedroom window of this tree house.

6. Mowing the lawn just got a whole lot trickier


Located in the forests of Mill Valley, California, this tree house is surrounded by windows so that the home owners can fully appreciate their surroundings.

5. This tree house isn’t messing around


Now that’s a breathtaking view.

4. Sometimes one tree house just isn’t enough


This guy shouldn’t have too much trouble finding a roommate.

3. How much cozier can a tree house get?


The brisk weather sure didn’t stop this home from being built.

2. This probably qualifies as a tree mansion


The logistics required to build this must have been a nightmare, but it looks like it was more than worth the trouble.

1. In case you need another reason to visit New Zealand


The next time you’re in Auckland, New Zealand, you may want to stop off for dinner at this one of a kind restaurant. Just make sure you aren’t afraid of heights.


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