You Won’t Believe what Hikers have to Do to Get to this Place


This oddly placed hut you see nestled into the side of Matterhorn mountain in Switzerland is actually a shelter for mountain climbers and hikers wishing to take a break or seek refuge. Called The Solvay Hut, it is owned by the mountaineering club in Switzerland and is supposed to only be used for emergencies. It’s absolutely crazy location doesn’t make it easy for hikers and climbers to reach it. Just look at these photos and you’ll see how inconveniently placed it really seems.


The hut was built all the way back in 1915 by utilizing animals to bring the materials up the mountainside.


Apparently it only took five days to fully build the hut on the mountain. Most people wouldn’t be able to build that on the ground in five days.


The hut was actually rebuilt in 1966 and then again in 1976. New features were installed such as an emergency phone hikers.


The hut is named after Belgium Ernest Solvay who died in 1922. He donated the well-known hut for other hikers to benefit from while scaling the mountain.


Now the hut is used by explorers and adventuring hikers who need to stop and rest while climbing the ridge.


The hut looks nice and cozy, but getting to it can be a whole story in itself!


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