8 Annoying Things That Always Happen to You at the Grocery Store


Going to the grocery store can be a rewarding experience. Said no one ever. Don’t you find it annoying that no matter what you do, these sorts of things always seem to happen when you go to the grocery store.

1. Aisle blockers.


There’s always that one person that just completely blocks the aisle and you have to awkwardly step around them or in front of them to get through.

2. Picking the shopping cart with that one broken wheel.


It seems to happen almost every time. You grab the cart and walk into the store only to realize that one wheel is completely f*cked. Of course you never go back outside and grab another, you just deal with it for the duration of your grocery journey and tell yourself next time to check your cart. You never do.

3. The oblivious person on their cell phone.


There’s always that one person in front of the cheese section just standing there on their cellphone just oblivious to the rest of the world. You want to grab that item right in front of them but also don’t want to be a rude jerk so you sit there for a min and/or say excuse me but your efforts are almost always futile and you just grab the damn item in front of them anyway.

4. Kids…everywhere.


It seems like every time the grocery store is busy, its full of whining, screaming kids. There’s always that one little kid that asks his mom for EVERYTHING in the damn store and all you hear while you browse the aisles is “I SAID NO JIMMY!”.

5. The asshat that has 50 items in express lane.


Some people just use that number as a general rule of thumb, while others just completely ignore it and give zero f*cks. There’s always a jerk who doesn’t give a crap about the rules and just thinks they can checkout with a giant shopping cart full of Oreos and RC Cola.

6. That person who pulls out the checkbook & then takes 5 min to write it out.


Sometimes you’ll even get a double-whammy and have an old lady in the express lane with 50 items AND she writes a check. Ugh.

7. The person that starts picking out what to put back because they don’t have enough money.


They usually look just like that too.

8. Getting in the wrong line.

Every. Single. Time.


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