10 Places on Earth You’ll Never Want to Visit


Maybe a few curious people would get a thrill from visiting some of these strange and dangerous places, but for most of us, just seeing these photos is enough to say no thanks. From garbage filled cities to venomous snakes, these are ten places on Earth that you’ll probably never want to visit.

10. Islands in Japan that constantly smell like farts.


The Izu Islands off mainland Japan constantly smell of a sulfuric stench because of their volcanic nature. As of 2005, the people have been required to carry gas masks with them at all times in case gas levels rise unexpectedly.

9. Giant patch of floating garbage in the Pacific Ocean that’s bigger than Texas.


The Great Pacific Garbage Patch, also described as the Pacific Trash Vortex, is a giant floating patch of garbage supposedly bigger than the state of Texas thats located in the North Pacific Ocean. The Patch is characterized by exceptionally high concentrations of pelagic plastics, chemical sludge, and other debris that have been trapped by the currents. Minus one for humanity.

8. A raging fire crater that’s been constantly burning for over 40 years.


This giant fire crater, also referred to as the Door to Hell in Turkmenistan has been constantly burning since 1971. It is fueled by the very rich natural gas sources in the area.

7. An entire garden devoted entirely to plants that can kill you.


The Alnwick Poison Garden is a garden devoted entirely to poisonous plants that can kill. It features many plants grown unwittingly in back gardens, and those that grow in the British countryside, as well as many more unusual varieties.

6. A mine filled with cancer-causing Asbestos in Canada.


Even though Asbestos is a set of six naturally occurring silicate minerals highly prized for their resistance to fire and sound absorption abilities, its also known to cause cancer and a variety of other diseases. The Thetford Mines in Canada is an enormous open pit asbestos mine which is still fully operational. The workers in the mines aren’t required to wear any sort of respiratory protection!

5. A huge swamp home to 1000s of enormous salt water salt water crocodiles.


Ramree Island in Burma is full of thousands of salt water crocodiles, which are the deadliest in the world. Crocodiles aren’t enough to scare you away? Well how about the fact that Ramree Island is also home to malaria carrying mosquitos, spiders, and venomous scorpions.

4. A crazy winding road that hundreds of cars fall off of each year.


The North Yungas Road (also commonly & lovingly referred to as Death Road) is a 61 kilometres (38 mi) or 69 kilometres (43 mi) road leading from La Paz to Coroico, 56 kilometres (35 mi) northeast of La Paz in the Yungas region of Bolivia. It is legendary for its extreme danger with estimates stating that 200 to 300 travelers are killed yearly along it. The road includes crosses marking many of the spots where vehicles have fallen right off the edge. I’m sure rain, fog, and mud can make this road even more fun to drive down.

3. A place filled with hundreds of mud volcanoes.


Azerbaijan is a place off the coast of the Caspian Sea filled with mud volcanoes. These are the little-known relatives of the more common magmatic variety of volcanoes but can still do some damage. When they do erupt, its with spectacular results. Most nearby towns don’t consider them too dangerous, unless you happen to be there at the wrong time. They have the ability to shoot flames and hot mud thousands of feet into the sky!

2. The Zone of Alienation in Chernobyl.


The Zone of Alienation is a 30 km/19 mi exclusion zone around the site of the Chernobyl nuclear reactor disaster and is administrated by a special administration under the Ukrainian Ministry of Extraordinary Situations (which sounds like a secret underground league of gentlemen).

1. An island completely filled with venomous snakes every few feet.


Off the shore of Brazil, is Ilha de Queimada Grande, otherwise known as Snake Island. The island is untouched by humans at this point, since it has been completely overtaken by a variety of poisonous snakes.  Researchers estimate that there are around one and five snakes per square meter! It might not be so bad if these were garden snakes, but of course its cursed and is full of highly deadly various forms of lancehead Vipers. “I want to go visit there!” …said no one EVER.

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